Tree Delivery

Special Permits for Delivery

Regular Deliveries - must fit within 12’ by 12’

We provide our own delivery services with experienced drivers to ensure that your material arrives at the jobsite in a timely fashion. The standard load is delivered on a 48 foot drop deck trailer.

Mid-Size Deliveries - requires one escort 14’ x 14’

If the material selected does not fit on the standard load restrictions. The FDOT requires a special over width and over height permit. We will arrange all the permits and escort services required to be in compliance with the state and highway safety protocol. The first permit allows a maximum height of 14 feet and maximum width of 14 feet. It also requires one escort.

Large Deliveries - Requires double escort 16’ x 16’

The secondary permit allows a maximum height of 16 feet and maximum width of 16 feet. We can make the same arrangements through the FDOT to obtain this permit as well. Additionally it requires two escorts.

Extra Large Deliveries "Super Load" - Capped by street lights, stop lights, & bridges.  FHP will shut down the roads

In some instances the load does not fit within the 16 foot height and width restrictions. If the load should exceed these dimensions, the Florida Highway Patrol is contracted to escort the delivery. This ensures the delivery is made in the safest manner.

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